Skedco Basic Rescue System – International Orange - Cobra Buckles

Skedco Basic Rescue System – International Orange - Cobra Buckles

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Skedco Basic Rescue System – International Orange - Cobra Buckles

Skedco Basic Rescue System – International Orange - Cobra Buckles is the original and still the best rescue stretcher for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications. The Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security.

Skedco now has the Austrian made Skedco/Cobra side release buckles that are dependable and strong enough to meet the needs of securing a patient into a Sked® stretcher without the danger of breakage. These buckles are rated at 3 thousand pounds. They are durable and easy to use. When they are under tension they are very hard to release thus accidental release under tension is not an issue. With these buckles you will no longer have to weave the webbing through the buckles when packaging a patient. Patient packaging is often done in about half of the time as when using the original steel buckles.

The Sked comes equipped for horizontal hoisting by helicopter or vertical hoisting in caves or industrial confined spaces. When the patient is packaged the stretcher becomes rigid. The durable plastic provides protection for the patient while allowing extrication through the most demanding confined spaces. The stretcher is rolled for storage in a tough cordura backpack which is included with the system. The complete rescue system ships at 17 lbs and comes complete for most applications. Also available in O.D. Green for military, S.W.A.T. and other tactical situations.

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Skedco Basic Rescue System Features:

  • Material: Medium density E-Z glide non-absorbing polyethylene plastic. 
  • Unbreakable at 120 degrees below zero.
  • Does not absorb chemicals, making it easily decontaminable.
  • Can be dragged over virtually any terrain
  • Patients can be rolled or dragged onto the Sked rather than lifting
  • Skeds can be rolled 1-4 per bundle for easy storage
  • Drag handle at the head end for patient safety – with two plastic grips for use by two rescuers.
  • Will fit on decon-conveyors for easy decontaminating, and handling of patients and litter.
  • Polypropylene slings can be attached to drag Skeds up and down stairways.
  • NSN: 6530-01-575-4004


  • Rolled Up
    • Diameter: 9" in 
    • Length: 37" in 
    • 11 lbs (With Straps) - 17 lbs (With all items attached)
  • Laid Out
    • Length: 8' ft
    • Width: 3' ft
    • Height: 0.105" in
    • 11 lbs (With Straps) - 17 lbs (With all items attached)

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