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NAR SPEAR - (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release)

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NAR SPEAR - (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release)

The North American Rescue SPEAR (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release) Device is the latest innovation in needle decompression technology. The versatile device has been designed and developed based directly on science, user feedback, and known gaps in the management of tension pneumothorax. Each design feature has been carefully crafted to enhance the user experience and increase the probability of success when a life is on the line. The convenient device allows either lateral decompression or traditional anterior needle thoracostomy.

The SPEAR device features a sharper needle point, reducing the amount of force required to insert the needle, as well as a spin-lock feature that helps prevent premature separation between the needle and catheter. To help with confirmation of depth and success, the device has centimeter depth markings and a detachable, low pressure one-way check valve that creates an audible whistle as air rushes through. The one-way valve can be removed from the needle and either reapplied to the catheter or left off entirely, according to local protocols. Upon removal of the needle, the remaining catheter is a flexible, kink-resistant material with a soft tip to lessen the impact on possible tissue contact. Also, the catheter features 3 fenestrations (holes) along the length to aid in air flow.

The latest TCCC Guidelines have allowed for a 10ga Needle in addition to the traditional 14ga product. The larger lumen increases the area of flow by more than two and a half times. The additional length of the SPEAR device (total catheter length: 3.75 in.) should allow the user to reach and maintain access to the pleural space in a vast majority of the population.

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NAR SPEAR - (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release) Features:

  • NSN# 6515-01-699-4360
  • Latest innovation in Needle Decompression technology
  • Designed based on known gaps in the management of tension pneumothorax
  • Sharper needle point for easier insertion
  • User friendly features like spin-lock connection, depth markings, and detachable low-pressure one-way valve
  • Fenestrations along catheter for additional air flow
  • Familiar, rugged, pen-style case for ease of storage and deployment
  • Allows either lateral decompression or traditional anterior needle thoracostomy
  • Catheter made of flexible kink-resistant material with a soft tip
  • Single use only. Supplied sterile

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