Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilizer

Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilizer

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Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilizer

The HeadBed II head immobilization device is made up of a wax coated, corrugated board that holds up in adverse weather conditions. The HeadBed II makes head immobilization easy by enabling providers to quickly strap patients in. Place the patient on the board, fit with the HeadBed II and secure the unit to the spineboard using the patented dual adhesive straps. HeadBed II stores completely flat, giving you the flexibility to store volumes of immobilizers and other equipment without extra hassle. Since the HeadBed II is completely disposable, no cleanup is necessary.

Laerdal HeadBed II Head Immobilizer Features:

  • Designed for adults, children and infants
  • Outstanding patient access for effective assessment without compromising immobilization
  • Comes with our patented Dual Adhesive Strap Single-patient use
  • No cleanup or equipment recovery
  • Fits most spineboards
  • Radiolucent, MRI and CT- scan compatible
  • Latex free
  • Box Size: 100/box
  • Sold: Individually or 100/box

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