Laerdal Pedi-Pad Spineboard Pad

Laerdal Pedi-Pad Spineboard Pad

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Laerdal Pedi-Pad Spineboard Pad

Pedi-pad is a 4 cm thick foam pad that can be used with any type of backboard and will not slip due to anti- skid traction. The pad includes three insets for backboard straps to ensure that patient’s torso does not move.The disposable foam holds up well in adverse weather conditions and since it is disposable, removes all need for cleanup.  Due to the fact that children’s heads are larger, in comparison to the rest of their body, pediatric patients require extra elevation of the shoulders for proper cervical spine alignment.

Pedi-Pad Spineboard Pad Features:

  • Places the cervical spine in neutral alignment by elevating the pediatric patient's shoulders
  • Economical method to stabilize children 8 years and younger
  • Works in conjunction with Sta-Blok or SpeedBlocks Head Immobilization devices
  • 3 insets for backboard straps
  • Easy to Use, Adjustable, Comfortable, and Stable
  • Radiolucent, MRI and CT- scan compatible
  • Latex free
  • Sold: Individually

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