Auvi-Q Junior (Epinephrine) Auto-Injectors - Twin Pack

Auvi-Q Junior (Epinephrine) Auto-Injectors - Twin Pack

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The Auvi-Q Ephinephrine Auto injector is a disposable delivery system.  Needle comes out of the device to deliver epinephrine, and then automatically pulls back in to the device when the injection is complete. It is designed for emergency administration to provide rapid, convenient first-aid for individuals sensitive to potentially fatal allergic reactions. The adults contains .3 mg of epinephrine. The young children contains .15mg of epinephrine. With the auto-retractable needle, epinephrine delivery is complete in less than half a second. However, users must push firmly and hold for a complete 2-second count.


  • (1) 2-Pack Junior 
  •  .15 mg of epinephrine
  • For anyone who weighs 33 lbs to 66 lbs 
  • Orders from individuals will not be accepted

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