Skedco HMH Sked Rescue System

Skedco HMH Sked Rescue System

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Skedco HMH Sked Rescue System

Skedco HMH Sked Rescue Complete System Stretcher - NSN: 6530-01-522-7855 Compact, decontaminable, durable and adaptable, designed for rescuers that require level “A” protection. Whether you're in the Hot Zone or evacuating after a major incident, the HMH Sked dramatically increases efficiency.

It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways and can be rapidly deployed by one person. Made of medium-density polyethylene plastic, the HMH Sked withstands high temperatures and is unbreakable as low as 120 degrees Fahrenheit below zero.

Note: Step by step instructions located in the product pictures.

Skedco HMH Sked Rescue System Features:

  • Material: Medium density E-Z glide non-absorbing polyethylene plastic. 
  • Unbreakable at 120 degrees below zero.
  • Does not absorb chemicals, making it easily decontaminable.
  • Can be dragged over virtually any terrain
  • Patients can be rolled or dragged onto the HMH Sked rather than lifting
  • A rope is attached to the tow strap of the HMH Sked for towing out of the Hot Zone by rescuers at decon
  • HMH Skeds can be rolled 1-4 per bundle for easy storage
  • Drag handle at the head end for patient safety – with two plastic grips for use by two rescuers.
  • Four cut-in plastic handles eliminate webbing and ensure a secure, safe lift.
  • Will fit on decon-conveyors for easy decontaminating, and handling of patients and litter.
  • Military-grade, 2 in. side release plastic buckles are non-corrosive, won’t spark
  • Polypropylene slings can be attached to drag HMH Skeds up and down stairways.
  • NSN: 6530-01-522-7855


  • Rolled Up
    • Diameter: 9" in 
    • Length: 36" in 
    • 11 lbs (With Straps)
  • Laid Out
    • Length: 8' ft
    • Width: 3' ft
    • Height: 0.105" in
    • 11 lbs (With Straps)

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