I-Tec Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer

I-Tec Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer

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I-Tec Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer

The Multi Grip disposible head immobilizer was designed by a fire-fighter in 1989. Today this effective CID is used across the US as well as in other countries like Canada. It comes in three sizes: adult, child, and infant(pediatric). Here is a complete system for your head immobilization needs. Its design makes it a universal head immobilizer. Each unit includes head and chin straps and is individually packaged in thermo-sealed film.

I-Tec Multi-Grip Head Immobilizer Features:

  • Compatible with all c-collars and backboards
  • Radiolucent
  • Easy access to the ears
  • Head strap sticks to board, not to skin/hair (foam covers forehead area)
  • Non-claustrophobic design
  • Water resistant and buoyant for water rescue
  • Head and chin straps come with each unit
  • Infant size will fit in a car seat
  • Can be used with motorcycle and football helmets
  • Closed-cell foam
  • Size: Adult, Child, and Infant
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold: Individually or by the box

Box Packaging: 

  • Adult - 20/box
  • Child - 5/box
  • Infant - 5/box

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