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Suture Kits the item everyone should have!

Suture Kits the item everyone should have!

Posted by Live Action Safety on 22nd Feb 2022

Have you ever had a cut that needed suture?  These type of injuries when not treated correctly usually become scars that are much larger than if suture was performed. Large cuts can also lead to higher chance of infection and longer heal time.  With Suture Kits you can put these in your home first aid kit, vehicle, backpack, hunting gear, hiking gear, and bug out bags.  There are also products that are glue based too that are painless and seal the wound so it can heal without needle and thread like Marathon Liquid Skin.  

Another great item is Suture Skin Practice Model Pad which allows you to practice your suture skills on many different types of cuts.  Material of the item mimics human tissue & skin so your prepared for the real situation when/if it ever occurs.  

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