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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant Glue

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Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant Glue

Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant No-sting friction protection that lasts and lasts. Basically super glue for skin wounds to suture a cut without the needle and thread. Marathon bonds to the skin surface and integrates with the epidermis as the cyanoacrylate polymerizes at the molecular level while supporting the natural integrity of the skin. It provides higher strength and higher resistance to wash off than other thin film barriers. Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is resistant to external moisture, yet it allows the skin to breathe. Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant is contained in a single-use sterile applicator. Each 0.5 g applicator can cover a 4 x 4 area. The product should be applied in a very thin layer, without covering the site more than once. Marathon can be used when the epidermis is broken or damaged. However, it should not be applied directly to deep, open, chronic or bleeding wounds. Marathon adheres to the skin and dries in less than a minute. Marathon can remain on the skin for several days. It will wear off naturally as the skin regenerates. Features: Robust, flexible and long-lasting. No-sting formula. Protects from the effects of friction. Protects from moisture (urine, exudate, sweat, and other bodily fluids) that can cause maceration. Fast drying and breathable.

Liquid Skin Protectant Glue Features:

  • 0.5g Applicator
  • Sterile Non-cytotoxic cyanoacrylate-based monomer that forms a remarkably strong protective layer over skin.
  • Protects from the effects of friction and moisture, such as urine, exudate, sweat, and other bodily fluids, that can cause maceration 
  • Robust, flexible and long-lasting formula is fast drying and breathable and can be used on intact or damaged skin 
  • Indicated for damaged skin, fragile skin, periwound skin and peristomal skin
  • Sold: Individually.  Buy 10+ units and price is discounted

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