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Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar

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  • Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar - Replacement Pads

Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar

New from Aspen Medical the Vista MultiPost Collar is the latest addition to Aspen’s award-winning Vista Cervical Collars. This new fully adjustable collar with pivoting occipital panels adds an extra level of support for greater motion restriction. Like the original Vista Collar, the Vista MultiPost Collar is one size adjustable, virtually eliminating waste associated with collar sizing errors. It also features Aspen’s proven cotton-lined pads designed to enhance skin care by reducing patient contact points in the occipital area.

Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar Features:

  • 6 adjustable settings
  • Pivoting occipital panels for extra support
  • Two-piece polyethylene design
  • Easily adjusted with hook & loop tabs
  • Large trachea opening
  • Removable, foam laminated pads wick away moisture to ensure proper patient hygiene and comfort
  • X-ray, CT and MRI lucent
  • Does not work with Aspen hot/cold therapy pack
  • PDAC Code L0180 Approved
  • Latex free
  • Item is Non-Returnable
  • Sold: Individually 

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  • 5
    Best brace.

    Posted by Robert on 6th Jan 2024

    Brace is very well made. Fits perfectly. Easy to to put on and take off.

  • 4

    Posted by Barry Cole on 20th Dec 2023

    I shattered my neck in June 2015. My Chiropractor put me into an Aspen Vista Multi-post collar which I wore 24-hrs/day for the next 20 weeks then often at night to stabilize my neck while sleeping. I've learned that wearing my Vista multi-post collar to bed at night prevents pinching my spinal column at night, causing lower back and leg pain in the morning. The collar also provides prompt, welcomed, comfortable relief when I experience pinched and inflamed nerve pain because it stabilizes and stretches my neck. The problem is that the currnet version of the Aspen Vista multi-post cervical collar is not durable enough to use in this manner every day for years. I am currently on my second collar, and it needs to be replaced soon. Aspen recommends cleaning or exchanging the pads daily, but this is a big inconvenience. I've made soft felt covering of the pads to provide more comfort. I recommend buying several sets of pads if you need to wear the collar daily, as I do. I would give the collar a 5-star rating excpet for the durability of the plastic parts, especially the plastic pin connectors. I'd welcome working with Aspen to engineer/design a more durable version, but this one provides comfortable, welcomed relief when needed.

  • 5
    Aspen Vista MultiPost Collar

    Posted by Mark on 24th May 2019

    I have used Miami-J Collars for years (disabled due to bad neck even after 4 surgeries). They have performed well and this is my first Aspen collar. I must say that I am very impressed with the Aspen collar and it will be my collar of choice now. The two main reasons I would choose this collar over the Miami-J is comfort and support. The Aspen provides more rigid support and immobilizes my neck better. The thicker pads and their position make the Aspen quite comfortable for a neck collar.

  • 5
    Very pleased with cervical collar

    Posted by Carla on 7th Apr 2018

    Exactly like the one I received after surgery, now I have a spare for cleaning

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