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ALS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape

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ALS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape

Similar to the Broselow Pediatric Emergency Tape, except with more accurate, more up to date dosage rates and more frequently updated all around. A new PALS Pediatric Tape comes out every few years keeping you up too date with the latest facts for saving lives. The ALS Standard Pediatric Tape is designed for Pre-Hospital EMS. A reference tape to determine application as well as equipment sizes to use during emergency resuscitation on pediatric patients. One of the most popular pediatric tools needed with reference at each color bar on the tape informs you of equipment sizes to perform emergency resuscitation. A reference at each weight zone on the tape shows pre-calculated measurements. 

New Length-Based Tape featuring Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) medications and dosing recommendations. PALS Pediatric Emergency Tape utilizes weight and color zones consistent with industry standards (i.e. Broselow Tape) so it can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system.  Instill confidence knowing that medication dosages are calculated based on PALS recommendations and updated with the 2015 AHA PALS updates. ALS Pediatric tapes are the only commercially available tapes updated to include the 2012-2014 CDC NHANES data sets. Note: The PALS Tape is not an official product of the American Heart Association and has not been formally reviewed, approved, or endorsed by the AHA.

ALS Standard Pediatric Emergency Tape Features:

  • 2020 Edition (Most up to date version)
  • Updated every few years or less
  • More accurate than the Broselow Tape
  • Easier to use – Reduced clutter and larger font sizes.
  • Useful Visual Aids – Ped/Inf Burn Chart, FACES Pain Scale, Ped/Inf GCS, APGAR, Parkland Burn Formulas, LBS – KG Conversion Chart, Poison Control contact, etc.
  • Improved Accuracy – Incorporates 2012-2014 CDC NHANES data sets, others still using 2007.
  • Completely Compatible – Industry standard weight-color zones allows for seamless integration into your system.
  • Made of strong reusable poly tape material...its not paper

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*If the healthcare provider incorporates a visual estimate of body habitus into the prediction, the accuracy of the estimate of actual patient weight is improved as confirmed in multiple studies. Specifically, for application the patient's length-based measurements zone if the child appears overweight. Thus, incorporating a visual estimate of whether the child is over-weight provides a simple method to predict weight that appears to be clinically relevant given the rise of obesity in the United States.

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    PALS Pediatric Tape

    Posted by Renee Romero on 11th Aug 2017

    I ordered this for our recent EDAP inspection and I must say it was better than I expected. I prefer this over the Broselow Tape, it has more medications that are regularly used in a code along with several other useful tools.

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