Voir Tactical Bougie Endotracheal Tube Introducer

Voir Tactical Bougie Endotracheal Tube Introducer

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The technique for intubation can be made safer, faster, and more efficient with the use of our Voir Bougie (patent pending). The Voir Bougie is unique in that brightly colored marked bands permit the user to note the correct depth upon insertion quickly and easily to avoid lung or tracheal injury. This allows the process of intubation to occur safely when passing the endotracheal tube over the Voir Bougie® during intubation.

Q: Whats the difference between the Voir Bougie and the SunMed Bougie-to-Go?

A: First the Voir Bougie has a 70cm length compared to the Sun Med Bougie with a 60cm length. Giving you an extra 10cm of hand space for introduction! Next the Voir Bougie is strait from start to finish. It does not come with a coude (bent) tip. Special manufacturing techniques allow you to bend, if and when you need it, to the angle you want!

Note: Now available the Vie Scope Laryngoscope - (Click Here)


  • Innovative compact packaging designed specifically for use by EMS professionals
  • Clearly, marked bands make endotracheal tube introduction easier and safer for the patient
  • Simple, easy and allows for a quick accurate insertion
  • Application can extend beyond hospitals, including military and civilian use
  • Fits in 6mm to 11mm tubes
  • Size: 15FR
  • Length: 70cm
  • Latex free
  • Made in USA
  • Sold: Individually 

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