Scoop Up Soft Stretcher

Scoop Up Soft Stretcher

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Scoop Up Soft Stretcher

Bariatric mover the Scoop Up Soft Stretcher is designed to transport patients from confined areas. The patient is carried in an upright sitting position. The Scoop Up is easily stored. Measures 20" x 34". With 2" continuous reinforced Yellow or Black nylon straps with 6 handholds. Made with easy to clean Orange Vinyl.

Scoop Up Soft Stretcher Features:

  • Reusable, easy to store and durable
  • 2" Continuous reinforced nylon straps
  • 6 Handholds
  • Orange Vinyl
  • Yellow or Black Nylon straps
  • 20" x 34"
  • Weight capacity exceeds 500 lbs

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