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PMI® 9mm Accessory Cord

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PMI® 9mm Accessory Cord

PMI® Accessory Cords are made of durable kernmantle construction to UIAA standards and are great for a wide variety of uses. The smaller PMI® Accessory Cords can be used for many applications such as boot laces, lanyards, tent/shelter tie-down cords, equipment fixes and much more. Larger diameters of PMI® Accessory Cords may be used in applications including building climbing anchors, Prusik cords and a wide variety of other uses. These cords are made with the ideal combination of strength, flexibility, and durability.

Note: For custom length select "Per Meter" and add the desired length as your quantity.

Note: Color-patterns change about every 1-2 weeks and vary for each run.

Note: Also available 3mm cord - (Click Here)

PMI® 9mm Accessory Cord Features:

  • 100% Nylon
  • MBS: 14.8 kN (3327 lbf)
  • Compliant: 4mm–8mm UIAA 102
  • Color: Black, Multi-Color A
  • Sold: Per Meter, 168ft' (50m), 328' ft. (100m)


  • Rope Length: Per Meter, 328' ft.
  • Spool Length: 164' ft. (50m) and 328' ft. (100m)
  • Rope Diameter: 9mm

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