Philips Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Sensor

Philips Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Sensor

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(OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer Philips Pulse Oximeter Sensor.  This short, 3 foot cable sensor is for use with an extension cable, and is compatible for the following Philips monitors: Viridia 24C, C1, C3, M3, M4, MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50, M1191A, MP70, MP80, VM4, VM6, VM8, HeartStart MRx and SureSigns VS2, VS3.


  • OEM Sensor
  • Part Numbers: M1191A & M1191B
  • Sensor Type: (Adult Soft)

Compatible with:

  • Viridia 24C
  • Viridia C1, C3
  • Viridia M3, M4
  • Viridia MP20, MP30, MP40, MP50
  • M1191A
  • MP70, MP80
  • VM4, VM6, VM8
  • HeartStart MRx
  • SureSigns VS2
  • SureSigns VS3

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