New Generation Fire Shelter - Large

New Generation Fire Shelter - Large

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New Generation Fire Shelter - Large

The silica will slow heat transfer but the shelter offers less protection than it normally would if the foil was in place.

Fire shelters are available in two different sizes - regular and large. The large shelter is designed for firefighters taller than 6'1" or whose girth exceeds 53” at any point. The large fire shelter provides better protection for larger people by allowing less contact of the shelter material with the occupant’s body, and provides more air space between the shelter and occupant. The large fire shelter is easily identified by the orange deploy strap, while the regular size is identified with the yellow deploy strap. Replacment components and training shelters / DVD also available.

Note: Also available in Regular size (Click Here)

New Generation Fire Shelter - Large Includes:

  • Fire Shelter
  • Nylon Duck carrying case
  • Plastic liner carying case


  • Inner layer made of aluminum laminated to fiberglass
  • Outer layer made of aluminum foil laminated to woven silica
  • Aluminum reflects radiant heat while the silica slows heat passage
  • Outer foil reflects about 95% of the radiant heat
  • Color coated deploy strap
  • Manufactured to US Forestry Service specifications
  • US Government approved.
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Forest service specs 5100-606
  • NFES #0925 - reg / #0975 - large
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Deployed:
    • Length: 96" in.
    • Width: 33" in.
    • Heigth: 19.5" in.
  • Folded:
    • Length: 4" in.
    • Width: 5.5" in.
    • Heigth: 9" in.
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs

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