LSP Miller Full Body Splint Board

LSP Miller Full Body Splint Board

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LSP Miller Full Body Splint Board

The “Miller Board” is ideal and been used for years in confined space classes and rescues.  This unique harness system with integrated straps is ideal for water rescue as well as any rescue situation where non-integrated straps could become entangled or be lost. An optional head harness allows this same critical immobilization of a helmeted victim.  Hook-and-loop straps allow rapid immobilization of a patient, yet are so secure and compact that the patient can easily be tipped and rolled to fit through tight or confined spaces or, if necessary, lifted vertically. The Miller Board can be used to extricate the patient, then tied into a litter for the evacuation.  The split-leg design fits Stokes-type litters and allows each leg to be secured separately. X-ray translucent.  When used in conjunction with the LSP Half Back, the Miller board can be used for safe vertical lifting in normal and confined space rescue without compromising patient safety or spine immobilization.

LSP Miller Full Body Splint Board Features:

  • Rigid foam core provides both strength and buoyancy for water rescue immobilization
  • Integrated strapping system allows the rescuer to quickly and efficiently immobilize and restrain combative patients and avoids the loss of the straps
  • Split-leg design allows for easy independent leg traction, accessibility, and compatibility with the Stokes litter basket
  • Should strap design prevents both lateral and horizontal movement of the patient during extrication and transportation 
  • Complete with all straps
  • Load Limit In Water: 250 lbs. (fresh water) & 300 lbs. (salt water)
  • Load Limit: 500 lbs.


  • Length: 65.75" in.
  • Width: 14" in.
  • Height: 3.25" in. (Max) 3" in. (Min.)
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

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