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Hudson Elongated Total Non-rebreathing Masks - Pediatric

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Hudson Elongated Total Non-rebreathing Masks - Pediatric

Adult Elongated Total Non-Rebreather Mask molded of soft, transparent material. Tubing adaptor swivels for use on either side of patient. Soft vinyl reservoir bag. Complete with 7 ft. crush proof star lumen oxygen supply tubing.

Q: What is the difference between TOTAL & PARTIAL non-rebreathers? A: Primarily the safety vent flap on the side.  Partial has one vent with flap and one vent without flap.  Total has both vents with flap.

Hudson Elongated Total Non-rebreathing Masks - Pediatric Features:

  • Size: Pediatric
  • Low-resistance check valve does not contain natural rubber latex, prevents rebreathing and allows exhaled gas to escape
  • Adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit
  • 750-mL reservoir bag
  • Complete with 7-ft Star Lumen oxygen supply tubing
  • Latex free

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