Flexible Sheer Adhesive Bandages - Variety Pack

Flexible Sheer Adhesive Bandages - Variety Pack

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Flexible Sheer Adhesive Bandages - Variety Pack

Flexible sheer BandAid in Variety Pack. Sterile ready to use protective dressings for minor cuts and abrasions are manufactured of flexible adhesive sheer that stretches and conforms to body contours for effective and comfortable protection. The non-stick pad offers comfort and fluid absorption to promote healing.  280 ASSORTED BANDAGES - Our adhesive bandage variety pack is great for anyone looking to keep a wide variety of variously sized adhesive bandages on hand. Each box contains 280 individually wrapped adhesive bandages that are great for treating minor cuts, scrapes and abrasions for both children and adults.  Five different styles of bandages allow you to find a bandage that's just right for the injury and affected body part.  Each bandage contains a reliable adhesive that will keep the bandage in place, even on joints or areas that experience a lot of friction. Long lasting adhesive is designed to keep bandages usable for longer. The bandages can still easily be removed comfortably with minimal discomfort when no longer needed. FLEXIBLE sheer Designed to be used on joints and areas with high friction without coming loose or losing their stick. The soft and comfortable sheer is designed to remain comfortable for the duration of the healing process so you won't have to replace your bandage.

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