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Ferno Spartan 2 Piece Basket Stretcher - 2 Options

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Ferno Spartan 2 Piece Basket Stretcher

The Spartan Ti-M is made from TIG welded Titanium and offers a fully exposed top rail for unrestricted access by one or more operators, and includes our patented StratLoad™ attachment points for rapid bridle attachment during lift or hoist operations. The 2 piece construction employs our patented LocSafe connection system which allows rapid and secure assembly in 15 seconds. The lower frame is recessed into the (HMWPE) high molecular weight polyethylene outer shell, allowing operators to safely drag patients or rescue payload over rough terrain or in confined spaces. These combined features give the Spartan Ti-M superior durability and provide a high level of performance in austere tactical or technical rescue environments.  A stainless-steel variant is also available.

Ferno Spartan 2 Piece Basket Stretcher Features:

  • Split-apart feature with LocSafe™ connectors provide fail-safe connection and allows the stretcher to be assembled in about 15 seconds
  • StratLoad™ attachment points provide secure bridle attachment with any size carabiner
  • Removable and replaceable Durathene netting
  • Removable Patient restraints included x 4
  • Available: Stainless Steal or Titanium
  • LockSafe feature on Split-Apart Litters
  • Load Limit: 2500 lbs.


  • Length: 83" in.
  • Width: 23" in.
  • Height: 9" in.
  • Weight: 22 lbs.

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