Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Spray - 1.8 oz

Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Spray - 1.8 oz

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Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Spray - 1.8 oz

Burnshield Hydrogel is a sterile, water-based solution that is anti-microbial, anesthetising and cooling. The gel can be applied directly to first, second and third degree burns including scalds, facial, chemical and electrical burns. The gel relieves pain by cooling, moisturising and soothing the skin while protecting the burned area from contamination.  Suitable for?... 1. Sun Burns   2. Superficial / Partial thickness Burns   3. Rehydration of Burnshield dressings   4. Difficult to reach areas

Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Spray - 1.8 oz Features:

  • Packaged in a 1.8oz (50ml) spray bottle
  • Convenient sized bottle is ideal for medical cabinets or first aid kits
  • Active ingredient is Water (0.96%) Tea tree oil (0.1%) Gelling agent (0.3%)
  • Sterile
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat: minimises burn damage
  • Non-toxic Non-irritant
  • Safe to use on children
  • Sold: Individually

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