All Weather Outdoor Survival Rescue Whistle

All Weather Outdoor Survival Rescue Whistle

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All Weather Outdoor Survival Rescue Whistle

All Weather Marine Rescue Whistle is powerful, rugged and reliable. Designed for extreme conditions in the toughest environments this whistle is suited for any environment. Made from high-impact, heavy duty plastic there are no metal or moving parts to break or corrode. The ultra-loud, two chamber design allows for the highest sound possible. The built-in clip allows for placement virtually anywhere and with the lanyard hole you can strap this whistle to any piece of gear. 

All Weather Whistle Features:

  • Dual-frequency design, dual sides of the vocal cavity produce a high low-frequency sound, ensuring excellent penetration
  • Weight: 10g
  • Length: 2.75"
  • Available Colors: Rescue Orange, Olive Green (Custom colors available with large quantity)

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