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Zoll R Series Defibrillator - Refurbished

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Zoll R Series Defibrillator - Refurbished

CPR Metrics on Display

Using Real CPR Help technology, the R Series provides audio and visual feedback that guides rescuers to consistently deliver high-quality CPR. If compressions aren’t deep enough, you will hear, “Push harder.”  And detailed visual feedback, including the rate and depth of each compression, is displayed on the  CPR Dashboard™. If either one falls out of the Guidelines-recommended range, it will be indicated by a color change. Additionally, the diamond-shaped Perfusion Performance Indicator, or PPI, provides a quick indication of how well the combined rate and depth of compressions match current CPR Guidelines.
The dashboard also provides a compression release indicator. When the bar is full, you know that you’ve  come completely off the chest to allow for full recoil

Maximize CPR Fraction

The 2015 AHA and ERC Guidelines emphasize the importance of maximizing the proportion of time spent delivering chest compressions. During a code, minutes can seem like seconds, and the longer the pauses in compressions, the harder it is to deliver a successful shock. After a 3-second delay in compressions, the R Series displays a CPR idle timer to help track and minimize pause times.
One of the most common reasons for interruptions in CPR is stopping to determine whether an organized, shockable rhythm has developed. With ZOLL’s patented See-Thru CPR technology, the compression artifact is filtered out, making it possible to see whether an organized rhythm is present during CPR. By reducing the duration of pauses, See-Thru CPR is just one more way the R Series is designed to help you provide high-quality CPR.

OneStep Simplicity

Delivering therapy is easy with the OneStep family of electrodes. Monitor, defibrillate, or pace—without the need for a separate three-lead ECG cable—with OneStep Complete electrodes. To take advantage of Real CPR Help, use OneStep Complete, OneStep CPR, or OneStep Pediatric CPR electrodes. And, with a dual circuit design, OneStep electrodes can remain pre-connected, even during a 30-joule shock test. They’re available in anterior/anterior or anterior/posterior configurations

Extensive Pediatric Capabilities

When used with OneStep Pediatric electrodes, the R Series automatically reduces the shock energy to a lower protocol, starting at 50 joules rather than 120. And when the R Series is in Advisory mode or the R Series Plus is in AED mode, the OneStep Pediatric electrodes enable a pediatric algorithm that can distinguish between a shockable and nonshockable rhythm.

The unique OneStep Pediatric CPR electrodes also provide visual feedback by displaying the rate and depth of every compression on the CPR Dashboard. These electrodes are specifically designed to ensure precise CPR measurements in small children.

Always Code-Ready

The R Series conducts a comprehensive self-test of more than 110 individual indicators of readiness once a day. Using standard wireless technology, it can automatically relay this information to Defibrillator Dashboard,™ which provides a quick snapshot of the overall health of the entire defibrillator fleet that can be viewed on a PC or mobile device. Defibrillator Dashboard optimizes defibrillator readiness and increases efficiency for the biomedical engineering team.

Debrief with Unmatched Accuracy

After a cardiac arrest event, the R Series supports continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives with the push of two buttons, sending the code data rapidly and wirelessly to a designated server. These comprehensive data include the number of shocks, ECG, end-tidal CO2 values, and CPR quality, which can be viewed using a number of code data programs. Choose the one that’s right for your institution.

Note: Due to availability and cost of parts required to refurbish. Pricing and availability are subject to change. Please contact us for the most accurate price and unit available. - (Contact Us)

Zoll R Series Defibrillator - Refurbished Features:

  • Only one therapy cable needed for defibrillation, cardioversion and pacing – no separate 3 lead cable required.
  • The OneStep Complete Resuscitation Electrode has built-in 3 leads in the pad, eliminating extra steps if the patient needs to be paced immediate after resuscitation.
  • Real CPR Help to coach to the proper compression rate and depth during CPR as well as See-Thru CPR to minimize pauses during CPR compressions. 
  • The only defibrillator that recognizes the OneStep Pediatric electrode and automatically lowers the energy setting to 50J to prevent accidental overdose of energy.
  • Unique pediatric algorithms that allow proper analysis of arrhythmias for younger patients.  
  • Optional monitoring capabilities include SP02, EtCO2 and Non-invasive Blood Pressure.  
  • Defibrillator event documentation via internal memory, as well as a removable Compact Flash card for easy data transfer and archiving.
  • Coupled with CodeNet, ZOLL's unique PDA-based code data management system, the R Series communication capability makes record keeping a breeze.
  • WiFi enabled option available.   
  • Conducts an automated self-test once a day. No need to do a 30 J manual test; simply verify the green check mark is present during your shift check.  
  • 1 Year Warranty

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