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TacMed Ankle Tourniquet & Medical Holster

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TacMed Ankle Tourniquet & Medical Holster

TacMed Ankle Tourniquet & Medical Strap System for tactical tourniquets and first aid supplies is ideal for keeping your equipment close and easy to access.  Storage of essential equipment is a challenge for patrol officers or individuals working low-vis or plain-clothed operations. The TacMed Tourniquet Ankle Holster allows the operator/officer to comfortably and discreetly wear a SOF Tactical Tourniquet on either leg in virtually any mode of dress. Positioning the tourniquet on the ankle allows rapid access with either hand in the event of a shooting. The design of the holster allows the tourniquet to be removed from the pouch in seconds with one hand, yet is secure enough to run with and not risk the tourniquet falling out of the holster.   Has additional storage pockets to carry essential medical equipment.  When the contents are removed it can also function as a pressure wrap.

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TacMed Ankle Tourniquet & Medical Holster Features:

  • Material: Comfortable Velstretch
  • Fastener: Velcro
  • Colors: Black
  • Items shown in image are not included
  • Made In USA

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    Pretty disapointed

    Posted by PW on 14th Aug 2020

    After watching the video I thought this looked pretty good. Once I received it, I was pretty disapointed. Wrapping it around the ankle area when it's full of gear makes it difficult to conceal. There's a huge lump and the pant leg looks odd. I am unable to wear the unit with a TQ in it because the velcro fasteners are all set in the wrong place. The pockets for the gear deform when it's wrapped and don't do a great job of keeping things in place. I've modified it by stitching new velcro attachments and that seems to work better. The material is nice and stretches well and I'm sure it will be a good pressure dressing, but overall, I've been more disappointed with this product than happy. Also, the video at the bottom of the page isn't the same unit as the one shown in the picture. Not too satisfied but I've made it work.