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SSCOR Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered Portable Suction Unit

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SSCOR Quickdraw Alkaline Battery Powered Portable Suction Unit

Since the Quickdraw is designed to fit in an airway bag or first in kit to be easily carried to the patient’s side the question arose, “How do you charge something that is inside a bag?” 

The answer is, it is best not to have to charge it. So, we developed the alkaline powered Quickdraw, the first medical aspirator to be powered by alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries have many characteristics that make them the ideal power source for an aspirator. They pack a lot of power in a small package, the shelf life is extremely long, they are readily available and they are inexpensive.

The disposable alkaline battery pack will power the Quickdraw for 3 continuous hours before needing to be replaced. Ten AAA batteries in the unique alkaline battery holder will power the Quickdraw for 60 – 100 minutes.

The alkaline powered Quickdraw can function as an extremely efficient handheld suction or as a small, yet powerful and effective traditional suction pump. As a handheld device the Quickdraw is equally efficient no matter who the operator is, or how large or strong the hand is that is operating it. This separates the Quickdraw from manual suction devices that are dependent on strength and endurance to deliver effective suction.

The SSCOR Quickdraw provides suction as efficient as a large aspirator and weighs only 2.6 pounds, small enough to carry in your “first in kit” and taken to the patient’s side where it is needed. It does not need to be carried as a separate piece of equipment to be carried or left behind in the truck.

The LED on the side of the Quickdraw monitors the battery voltage of the alkaline battery pack and lights to alert the user the voltage in the battery pack is becoming low and should be replaced.

SSCOR also offers a ‘AAA’ battery holder which accepts ten (10) standard off the shelf ‘AAA’ alkaline batteries. A ‘AAA’ battery holder will power the Quickdraw for 60-100 minutes using 10 off-the shelf ‘AAA’ batteries at full capacity. After the batteries have been discharged, they can be easily replaced with off-the-shelf “AAA” alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries.

The Quickdraw requires no charging and the device can be stored in the ‘first in’ kit with minimal degradation to the voltage of the battery. The battery maintenance system in the Quickdraw will monitor the voltage in the alkaline battery pack while it is being used and a red LED on the side panel will light when the battery voltage is low and a replacement battery pack is required.

Note: For user instructions - (Click Here)

SSCOR Quickdraw Features:

  • Lightweight, portable suction device 
  • Fits in airway or first in bag
  • Powered by Alkaline Batteries that do not require a charger
  • Use off-the-shelf batteries to power the Quickdraw
  • UCLA Center For Pre-hospital Care Suction Study detailing the suction efficiency of the Quickdraw
  • Vacuum setting >500mmHg or approximately 80 - 100mmhg
  • Clearly labeled battery condition indicator
  • 1 year warranty
  • CE Marked
  • IPX4 rating for protection against ingress of fluids
  • Use as a handheld or traditional suction device with tubing, tips and catheters
  • Non-Returnable item


  • Vacuum: Maximum negative pressure >500mmHg; Low negative pressure setting approximately 80 - 100mmHg
  • Battery run time: Approximately 180 minutes (60 to 100 minutes with AAA conversion pack)
  • Power Source: 10 - AA batteries or 10 - AAA batteries (requires AAA conversion pack)
  • Charger: 115V AC to 12V DC fixed voltage



  • Height: 4" in. (11cm)
  • Width: 4" in. (11cm)
  • Length: 12.5" in. (32cm)
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.18 kg)

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