QuickTrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

QuickTrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit - Adult & Child

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QuickTrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit

Rusch QuickTrach Cricothyrotomy Kit is an ideal emergency airway device that allows quick and safe ventilation in the presence of acute respiratory distress with upper airway obstruction.

The QuickTrach Cricothyrotomy Kit consists of a pre-assembled emergency cricothyrotomy unit with a 10 mm syringe attached to a padded neck strap and a flexible connecting tube. A removable safety stopper provides a barrier that reduces the chances of perforating the rear wall of the trachea, and the conical needle tip provides the smallest necessary stoma. Tracheal entry can be confirmed by aspirating air through the syringe. After confirming correct placement, the flexible connecting tube can be used for immediate ventilation.

QuickTrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit Features:

  • Sterile, single-use
  • Latex Free
  • Rescue device for failed airways
  • Preassembled and ready to use
  • Conical plastic cannula with fixation flange and 15 mm connector
  • Removable stainless steel cricothyrotomy needle
  • Removable safety stopper
  • 2 - Sizes available
    • Adult - 4.0mm - (77 lbs and above)
    • Pediatric - 2.0mm - (22 lbs to 77 lbs)
  • Alternate part numbers: 120900020, 120900040

Included Items:

  • 1 - QuickTrach Syringe with stopper
  • 1 - Connecting tube with 15 mm adapter
  • 1 - Cushion neckband

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