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NAR Thermal IV Infusion Set (TIS) For Fluid Warming System - 2 Pack

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NAR Thermal Infusion Set For Fluid Warming System

The Quantum Thermal Infusion Set (TIS) from LifeWarmer is the revolutionary IV tubing set that allows for safe, rapid warming of IV fluids without adding hardly any additional steps to the normal IV setup process. Modeled after standard IV infusion tubing, the familiar configuration allows for ease of use. The sophisticated intelligence and proprietary warming technology are integrated into the tubing system for simplicity and to reduce additional equipment and procedural steps. Roughly the same size and weight as standard IV tubing, there is almost no additional equipment burden.

The Quantum IV administration tubing is double-extruded to yield a configuration that has both an inner tubing layer and an outer tubing layer. A conductive heating element is between the two layers but does not come in contact with the fluid path or disrupt the laminar flow. The outer tubing layer acts as an insulator while the inner tubing layer transfers the heat from the heating element to the fluid path. Thermistors located in the tubing continually measure temperature and provide that input to the Quantum Controller. The monitoring and independent application of energy (heat) along the fluid path allows the Quantum to respond to varying temperature inputs from the fluid source to near the point of patient entry to ensure fluid temperature is the right temperature at delivery.

The Quantum Life Warmer, fully charged, is able to warm and maintain up to approximately 1700 mL of 20ºC IV solution to a set point of 100.4°F (38°+/- 2°C)  at a flow rate of 200 mL/min. Effective warming flow rates range from 2 to 200 mL/minute depending on input fluid temperature and ambient conditions.

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NAR Thermal Infusion Set For Fluid Warming System Features:

  • Similar size and weight to traditional IV tubing
  • Intelligent sensing and heating elements from LifeWarmer integrated into the walls of the tubing set
  • No disruption to the fluid path or laminar flow of the fluid
  • Easy bi-directional connection to the Quantum Life WarmerController
  • Compatible with standard IV fluids
  • Standard Spike with Vent
  • 15 micron particulate filter
  • Luer-activated injection site
  • Male Luer lock adapter
  • Tubing length: 80 in.
  • Priming Volume: 16mL
  • Drip Chamber: 20 gtt/ml
  • Single Use Only, Supplied sterile via Ethylene Oxide


  • TIS packaged (each): 6.5 in. x 11 in.
  • Tubing Length: 80 in.
  • Weight: TIS (each): 2.1 oz
  • Packaged (2 TIS & box): 10 oz

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