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LMA Nasal Mucosal Atomization Device (MAD) - Syringe

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LMA Nasal Mucosal Atomization Device (MAD) - Syringe

The LMA MAD #MAD100 Nasal by Teleflex is used for delivery of atomized meds like Naloxone/Narcan to the nasal, oral, laryngeal, tracheal and pulmonary mucosal surfaces. Reliable atomization of topical solution across the nasal and oropharyngeal mucous membranes

LMA Nasal Mucosal Atomization Device (MAD) - Syringe Features:

Rapidly Effective

  • Atomized nasal meds absorb into blood stream, avoiding first-pass metabolism
  • Atomized nasal meds offer rapid absorption across mucosal membranes to the blood stream into the brain and cerebrospinal fluid via olfactory mucosa to nose-brain pathway
  • Approaches med levels comparable to injections

Reduce Pain and Bleeding Associated with:

  • Nasal and oral instrumentation
  • Nasogastric tube placement

Controlled Administration

  • Exact dosing, exact volume
  • Titratable to effect (repeat if needed)
  • Atomizes in any position
  • Atomized particles are optimal size for deposition across broad area of mucosa

Needle-Free for Painless Delivery

  • No needle, no pain
  • No risk of needle stick injury

Minimal Resource Utilization

  • Nasal drug administration is quick, easy
  • No sterile technique required
  • Eliminate IV set-up time

Evidence Based

  • Extensive literature supports the clinical effectiveness of meds delivered via LMA MAD Nasal™


  • Typical Particle Size: 30-100 microns
  • System Dead Space: 0.13 mL MAD100 and MAD140 / 0.07 mL MAD300
  • Tip Diameter: 0.17 inches (4.3mm)
  • Applicator Length (MAD300): 1.65 inches (4.2 cm)
  • Sterile
  • Sold Individually
  • Item is Non-Returnable
  • Box Packaging: 25/box
  • Sold: Individually or 25/box

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  • 5

    Posted by Taseeta Samuel on 12th Feb 2018

    We found this product vry useful and priced correctly.

  • 4
    Great for tracheotomies

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2017

    Great atomizer for home made saline for tracheotomy daily maintenance.

  • 5
    Great product great service

    Posted by Robin on 14th Feb 2017

    I really like the ease of use of this device for administering epilepsy medication. My daughter was recently prescribed emergency medication for seizures that can be given nasally . The pharmacy did not have atomization devices and only had syringes with needles to draw up the medicine from the vial. This plastic tip on this syringe will penetrate a vial to draw up the medicine and then can be unscrewed. The atomization device is easily screwed on to deliver the medicine. Th customer service from Live Action Safety is excellent. When I told them our other medicine was an emergency medicine that was given rectally the customer service rep at Live Action Safety sent me my kit in a matter of days. I have ordered two other atomization devices to have on hand for future use if needed. I love the fact they are needleless. People do not like needles. By using a needleless tip others are more willing to be trained to use it and grandparents,and adult siblings, teachers are more willingly no to be trained to use it in case of an emergency. This increases my daughter's sense of independence.

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