LifeHammer Safety Hammer - Evolution

LifeHammer Safety Hammer - Evolution

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LifeHammer Safety Hammer - Evolution

Life Hammer now brings you the Safety Hammer Evolution! Since 1983 LifeHammer has been offering superior safety with the Classic Safety Hammer seat belt cutter and window punch. Since then they have came out with the new and improved Evolution Safety Hammer. Can easily be used by both adults and children with its spring loaded, ultra hard ceramic head. Don't forget about the razor sharp seatbelt cutter at the other end. Each hammer comes with a "quick click" mounting system that allows you to keep your hammer secure and close by. So its ready when you need it most!

LifeHammer Safety Hammer - Evolution Features:

  • Automatic Window punch and seat belt cutter combo
  • Breaks glass with little effort
  • Ultra hard ceramic head
  • Easy to use by adults or children
  • Non-slip grip
  • TÜV certified according to new German standards. 
  • Color: Orange

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