Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

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Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU)

Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) is raising the standard for EMS suction aspirator units! The new Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) features industry-first device diagnostics, a "No Tools" replaceable battery, built in charger, and integrated vacuum regulation/power control. All this in a rugged "Bump-proof/Splash-proof" design that is very quiet.  Diagnostics with tests including an occlusion check, vacuum efficiency, maximum vacuum, system leakage and battery status. Suction unit comes with: AC and DC cords, disposable canister with patient tubing, battery and directions

Note: Need a replacement canister holder? (Click Here)

Laerdal Suction Unit (LSU) Features:

  • One-hand-grip design
  • Canister option: Bemis Disposable Canister system
  • High efficiency filter kit
  • HEPA rated bacterial filter
  • Does not contain latex
  • Big vacuum regulator dial
  • LED display for use day or night
  • TEST - Device Diagnostics program
  • Children vacuum range area (marked in blue) on the control panel
  • No-tools-necessary field changeable battery
  • Rechargeable Battery, NiMH, 12 VDC 2 Ah
  • External Battery Charger
  • 12V DC Power-cord for connection to vehicle connection
  • Canister capacity: 1000 ml/cc and 1200 ml/cc
  • 5 year limited warranty (excluding the canisters, tubing systems and battery. Battery = 90 days)
  • Suction Unit Includes:
    • AC and DC cords,
    • 1 - 1200 ml/cc disposable canister with patient tubing,
    • battery and instructions


  • High flow / High vacuum
  • Air Flow: >30 LPM
  • Vacuum - Max.: 500+ mmHg (67 kPA)
  • Vacuum - Range: 80 - 500+ mmHg (11 - 67 kPa)
  • Battery run time: Approximately 45 minutes (free flow) - 30 minutes for the US model
  • Noice level: 46 - 56 dBA (80 - 500 mmHg)


  • Length: 12.4" in (31.5 cm)
  • Width: 13" in (33 cm)
  • Dept: 6.3" in (16 cm)
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs (4kg)

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