Kong Indy Evo Plus Descender

Kong Indy Evo Plus Descender

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Indy Evo Plus by Kong is a manually operated descender device with double autolocking system, that locks both when the lever is released or when it is pressed. Indy Evo Plus is also a descender (conform to EN 12841 type C) for working on rope. It allows descent at a controlled speed, stopping at any time, hands free, on a static rope (EN 1891) or dynamic rope (EN 892). Light weight and compact size, long life guaranteed by the stainless steel cams and low maintenance make it a working tool very appreciated by the industry. 

Note: Certified for two people, it allows two people to lower at the same time and also allows the user to take in rope slack.


  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Double autolocking system
  • Allows descent at a controlled speed
  • Stainless steel cams
  • Certified for two people
  • Rope Diameter: 10mm-12mm
  • Weight: 1.05 lb - (480g)
  • Color: Orange/Black 


  • CE EN 341
  • CE EN 12841/C
  • NFPA-E/T

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