Impervious 1 pc. Metal Buckle Spineboard Strap - 7'

Impervious 1 pc. Metal Buckle Spineboard Strap - 7'

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One piece metal seat belt buckle impervious vinyl straps secure a patient to prevent further injury during transport. Economically priced and designed to be disposable, but durable enough to clean and reuse. Straps are easily adjusted for a custom fit and constructed of 2" impervious vinyl webbing with a 525 pound break strength.


  • Material: Impervious Vinyl Webbing 
  • Type: 1 Piece - Metal Push Button Buckle
  • Length: 7' feet
  • Break Strength: 525 lbs
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, and Yellow   
  • Meets Or Exceeds FDA Requirements

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