Gibbs Ascender Model 1 & 2 #1 Free Running Only

Gibbs Ascender Model 1 & 2

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Gibbs Ascender Model 1 & 2

Gibbs Ascenders model #1 and #2 are intended for climbing ropes and pack hauling by mountain climbers and cavers. It is not intended for litter raising or the support of more than one person for self belay. For rescue and litter raising we recommend the #3, #3S,#4, and #4S Ascenders.

Note: For Use on Life Safety Kernmantle Ropes Only! DO NOT use on steel cable!

Gibbs Ascender Model 1 & 2 Features:

  • Fits Ropes 11mm - 13mm Diameter
  • Cam Type: Forged
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Strength: 2.500 lbf
  • Color: Aluminum 
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Rating: Technical Use

Model Option:

  • Model #1: Free Running Only
  • Model #2: Spring Loaded and Free Running 

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