Conterra Clampbot Articulating Terrain Roller

Conterra Clampbot Articulating Terrain Roller

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Conterra Clampbot Articulating Terrain Roller

Conterra took the incredible design of their Edgebot one step further by making it articulate! The result is the new Clampbot, that conforms to whatever you attach it to. It has 28 mini crampon points that firmly grip on pipes, railings and trees.

The Clampbot can be placed with 8mm cord, just like the Edgebot, as well as having the capability of redirecting the rope with a carabiner. The truly great feature of the Clampbot is its ability to “grasp” thin railings when used with the Rail Roller attachment. The Clampbot is built with eight Oilite bronze bearings over stainless steel axles, with hourglass shaped aircraft aluminum tires.  Despite these features the Clampbot is still crazy light, and fits in the palm of your hand. The powder coated articulating side plates are also aircraft grade aluminum.

Conterra Clampbot Articulating Terrain Roller Features:

  • Uniquely shaped to work on railings, logs, rocks, guard rails, parapits, or anywhere else that friction needs to be addressed
    • 28 mini crampon points  firmly grip on pipes, railings and tree etc
  • Can be hobbled down with rope or webbing, hung by biners, or even slid along tracks made by 8mm utility cord
  • Underside is curved to work on varied surfaces, and sports “crampons”
  • Triangular openings allow biners to redirect off angle ropes
  • Stainless steel axles
  • Bronze bearings
  • Hourglass shaped aircraft aluminum tires
  • Powder coated aircraft aluminum side plates

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