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How to Choose the Best Medical and Equipment Supply Store

How to Choose the Best Medical and Equipment Supply Store

Posted by Live Action Safety on 26th Feb 2024

How to Choose the Best Medical and Equipment Supply Store

Studies show that nearly 3 million people rely on durable, safe medical equipment daily. With so many people needing medical equipment, knowing how to pick a good medical equipment supply store is crucial.

But how can you parse a good medical supply store from a bad one? What are the criteria when looking for healthcare supplies and the medical equipment you'll need daily?

If you're curious about picking an equipment store, we're here to offer our aid. We've put together the six factors to consider when picking your store. Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing medical equipment.

1. Consider Your Requirements

The starting point of any venture like this is to consider what's important to you. Various stores offer a wide swathe of goods, and they cannot accommodate everyone's desires perfectly.

The most important factor is finding one that has the equipment you need. Whether you're looking for the supplies necessary for running a medical facility or an at-home glucose monitor, this will be the case.

You may need to check several local equipment supply stores to find one that carries the equipment you need. However, carrying the right equipment may not be the only factor in your requirements.

Some people may need a supply store that also works as a pharmacy. That way, they can get prescriptions while they're available. In that case, they may also need a pharmacy that carries certain prescriptions.

Consider all of the requirements you would have for a supply store and begin your search there. That way, you won't find yourself loving a store just to find out they don't carry what you need.

2. Evaluate the Vendor's Quality and Certifications

Once you've found an equipment supply vendor that carries the goods you need, you should work to evaluate the vendor's quality.

The first step is to look at their certifications. Medical suppliers need to abide by certain codes and accreditations. These are proof that they adhere to regulator standards, as well as following quality control guidelines.

One of the common accreditation bodies is the HQAA. The Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation will review a vendor and provide them with certifications. If you see a store that has this certification, you can safely assume they're acceptable.

That said, you should also trust your experiences. There are still sometimes quality differences between two stores that have the same certification.

There are also different accreditations depending on your state or city. Look into all of the possible certifications and find a store that has the necessary qualifications for your trust.

3. Speak to Doctors

Are you struggling to find a medical supply store that fits your needs? Perhaps you're new to the town you're in and aren't sure where everything is yet.

No matter what the case is, you should speak to your medical professional and see what stores they recommend. Many of these stores sell supplies for doctors, leaving doctors with a keen understanding of which is best.

Doctors also often have a rapport with most nearby stores, as they often recommend patients to them for supplies or at-home treatments. Due to this, they'll usually know any high-quality stores. Maybe, more importantly, they'll know which stores you should avoid visiting.

If you're a doctor yourself looking for the supplies necessary for running a medical facility, networking with local professionals is still a great choice. Your peers can help you parse out which stores you shouldn't put your faith in.

4. Consider Reputation

When looking for healthcare supplies, considering the reputation of your vendor is paramount. These stores don't exist in a vacuum-you'll often find reviews and written testimony of their quality.

The best way to find such things is on the popular review forums. That makes them exceptionally easy to find, sometimes only a Google search away in most cases.

Look into what sort of experiences other customers have had with the stores. Doing so will help you see if their goods aren't up to snuff with what you should expect. You also can make a list of which stores are good enough for you to trust.

We suggest making a list of which stores are of the quality you need. Afterward, whittle them down by going through the requirements you previously set. By following this method, you ensure you're only choosing from the highest-quality stores.

5. Compare Prices

You should always compare the prices of competing stores before buying blindly. Doing so can help you save hundreds or even thousands over an average year. That's especially the case if you're regularly purchasing medical equipment to replenish your supplies.

You should also keep an eye out for products on sale or deals. However, you can't always wait for specific deals when buying supplies for doctors. Keep an eye on constantly-used items like gloves and safety equipment and buy en masse when they're at a lower price.

6. Ease of Access

Finally, always look at the ease of access in a medical supply store. Physical stores are sometimes inconvenient, as you need to go to the store and purchase your goods. When purchasing in bulk, this can be an expensive hassle.

Here at Live Action Safety, we're happy to offer our products online. Our quick shipping ensures that you're able to get your supplies as fast as you need them. You can shop for goods as you go through your medical equipment inventory and purchase what you need as you go rather than needing several trips to a local brick-and-mortar store.

Choosing Your Equipment Supply Store

Choosing your equipment supply store requires deep research to see their certification, prices, quality, and more. We suggest speaking to your peers and other local customers to see their experiences and begin your search there.

At Live Action Safety, we're proud to provide you with emergency medical supplies and equipment for medical responders. We focus on saving you money through competitive pricing and superior customer service so that your savings can translate to the people who need you. Contact us today to see how our industry-specialized products and staff can help you.

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