14 Best Thyroid Supplements: Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism

Posted by cognitune.com on 28th Aug 2018

Did you know your thyroid gland is one of the most critical organs in the human body? It's located right in front of your neck, below the Adam's apple. It regulates many functions that are vital to your survival. Digestion, muscle strength, breathing, body temperature and heart rate, are a few examples.

Many people neglect the importance of thyroid health. Estimates show that roughly 30 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease. That number excludes people who don’t even know they might have it. The most common thyroid disease that people experience is hypothyroidism. We will discuss this in detail below.

The good news is we have a variety of natural thyroid supplements at our disposal. Natural remedies for hypothyroidism often carry fewer side effects than traditional thyroid medication. Today's article will focus on the best thyroid supplements for hypothyroidism treatment.

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