Biohazard Spill Kit in bag

Biohazard Spill Kit

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Biohazard Spill Kit

Basic biohazard/bodily fluid collection kit. This kit contains basic items needed and used for biohazard clean up or bodily fluid clean up. Detailed list of included items can be found below. 

Note: The whole kit is packed in a sealed, zip lock bag or hard case for easy storage & distribution.

Biohazard Spill Kit Package Includes:

  • 1 - Zip lock bag or Hard Case
  • 1 - Scoop
  • 1 - Solidifier powder
  • 1 - Vionex wipe
  • 1 - BZK wipe
  • 1 - Red biohazard bag
  • 1 - Mask
  • 2 - Twist ties
  • 1 - Pair of gloves

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