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B Braun Introcan Protective IV Catheters

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B Braun Introcan Protective IV Catheters

B.Braun Introcan Protective Safety I.V. Catheters.  Polyurethane Straight IV Catheter is a passive safety device that is automatically activated and cannot be bypassed. It is easy to use and features double flashback technology which clearly indicates correct catheter placement and the success of the venipuncture. It is available in polyurethane for softer, more comfortable, in-dwelling performance.  Ergonomically designed to minimize accidental needlestick injuries, without changing your technique. Requires minimal in-servicing and a short learning curve. Eliminates risk of inadvertent activation. Compliance virtually assured since safety mechanism cannot be bypassed. Push-off plate on the hub ensures smooth insertion, allowing a single-handed technique.

Note: Purchase of this medical device requires that the user have supervision from a licensed medical practitioner. Devices requiring such supervision may be labeled "Caution" or "RX only". Ensuring this supervision is the purchaser's responsibility. By adding this item to the cart the purchaser confirms that they accept and agree to these terms.

B Braun Introcan Protective IV Catheters Features:

  • B. Braun Introcan Safety Polyurethane Straight IV Catheter helps ensure first stick success and patient comfort through quick visualization of both needle and catheter flashback
  • Creates a V-shaped, tricuspid incision versus a lancet cut for easier catheter insertion, less tissue tearing, faster healing and reduced risk of infection
  • Self-activating Safety Shield covers needle tip automatically after use
  • Wide choice of insertion angles aids in accessing difficult veins
  • Minimum effort of catheter insertion
  • Radiopaque stripes for good visibility under X-rays
  • Facilitates one-handed catheter advancement
  • Permits attachment of a syringe for aspiration or other special procedures
  • Latex-Free & DEHP/PVC-Free
  • Non-winged
  • Sterile
  • Non-returnable 

Box Packaging:

  • Box - 50 Each
  • Case - 4 Boxes 
Item # Size Color
4251717-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 14g x 2", Polyurethane Orange
4251709-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 16g x 1.25", Polyurethane Gray
4251695-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 16g x 2", Polyurethane Gray
4251687-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 18g x 1.25", Polyurethane Green
4251679-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 18g x 1.75", Polyurethane Green
4251652-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 20g x 1", Polyurethane Pink
4251644-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 20g x 1.25", Polyurethane Pink
4251628-02 Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 22g x 1", Polyurethane Blue
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    Posted by Cammie Holland on 2nd Mar 2022

    Easy to use and great price.

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