Zoll 4x4  Base Battery Charger - Refurbished

Zoll 4x4 Base Battery Charger - Refurbished

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Zoll Base Charger 4x4 is a battery charger designed for ZOLL Medical PD 4410/Smart/Smart Ready Battery and all XL Battery packs. 4 battery slots allow the charging and testing of up to all 4 slots in any given combination. Charging time varies based off battery being charged. Average 15 hours or less for XL batteries and 8 hours or less for PD4410 and smart batteries. Auto test feature will check batteries and alert users when batteries are not operating at full capacity. Knowing your battery is bad before use helps to prevent issues out in the field. Unit is refurbished by certified AED/Defibrillator technicians.


  • Power cord included 
  • Holds 4 - batteries
  • Auto test alerts when battery is bad 

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