Taylor Ambulance Patient Cover Cot Quilt Blanket

Taylor Ambulance Patient Cover Cot Quilt Blanket

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Taylor gurney stretcher patient wrap. Keep your patient warm and protected from the environment with this comfortable cover quilt. The quilt’s cover has two Velcro closures to keep it taut around the patient, as well as keep it from dragging on the ground. The bottom of the quilt has a large flap that tucks in quickly to completely cover the patient’s feet. Made with all-weather nylon and polyester batting to ensure patient comfort.  

Note: Does not have window cut outs for stryker cots


  • Durable and Reusable
  • Velcro closures to keep patient warm, secure, and to prevent dragging
  • All weather nylon and polyester batting
  • Dimensions: 73" x 29"
  • 2 - Side panels - 75" x 29"
  • 1 - Foot panel - 54" x 29"
  • Color: Royal Blue & Grey
  • Box Size: 4/box
  • Sold: Individually or 4/box

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