Medline Emesis Bags Blue

Medline Emesis Bags

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Medline Emesis Bags Blue

Also known as sickness bags, personal access bag, vomit bag, and emesis bag. Keep these bags in patient's room to help avoid mess. The convenience bag features a rigid mouth shaped collar that creates a facial seal to prevent missing the barf bag and to contain odor.  

Note: Due to high volume of purchases once orders are placed we are unable to cancel orders for all items related to Coronavirus.  Also due to high demand orders are shipped first come first serve.  There is no ETA when orders will ship currently. 

Medline Emesis Bag Features:

  • Color: Blue or Green (depending what we have stock of)
  • Can be used with Emesis Bag Dispenser
  • Tie bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell
  • Graduated markings to measure oz and cc/mL
  • Single use
  • Latex-free
  • Bag Size: 24/bag
  • Box Size: 144/box
  • Sold: Individually, 24/bag, or 144/box

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