800 ml Canister with Tubing

Laerdal Compact Suction Unit 4 (LCSU 4) - 800 ml Replacement Canister

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Laerdal Compact  Suction Unit 4 (LCSU 4) - 800 ml Replacement Canister

800 ml replacement canister for the Laerdal Compact Suction Unit - LCSU 4 and LCSU 3. When extra suction volum is needed, an alternative LCSU 4 version is available. This version has a 800ml Canister supported by a Wire Stand bracket. The Canister is disposable, it can not be cleaned. The Canister has an internal filter in the lid and mechanical shutoff valve that protects against contamination and overflow. To increase filtration efficiency the Vacuum Tube may be replaced with a High Efficiency Filter Kit. The Kit is used in situations where there is a high risk of cross-contamination.

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Laerdal Compact  Suction Unit 4 (LCSU 4) - 800 ml Replacement Canister Features:

  • 800 ml canister
  • Disposable
  • Internal filter in lid
  • Auto stop when canister is full or tipped over


  • High flow / High vacuum
  • Air Flow @ Vacuum Inlet: 30 LPM (free flow) typical
  • Vacuum - Max.: 550+ mmHg (73.3 kPA)
  • Vacuum - Range: 50 - 550+ mmHg (6.7 - 73.3 kPa)

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