Z-Drag Rescue Crib Instruction Sheet

Z-Drag Rescue Crib Instruction Sheet

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Z-Drag Rescue Crib Instruction Sheet

All the essential knots and boat retrieval techniques clearly illustrated and explained on durable waterproof paper that folds out. A great tool for clubs and schools as well as individual boaters. 

Z-Drag Rescue Crib Instruction Sheet Features:

  • Basic Z-drag 3:1 
  • Vector Pull 2:1 
  • Z+C 6:1 
  • Double Z 9:1 
  • Water Knot 
  • Double Fishermen's Knot 
  • Prusik Knot 
  • Double Figure 8 Knot 
  • Bowline Knot


  • Width: 3" inches
  • Length: 4" inches
  • Heigth: .2" inches
  • Weight: .7 oz.

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