Waterproof Radio Pouch

Waterproof Radio Pouch

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Waterproof Radio Pouch

The Waterproof Radio Pouch has total watertight seal protection, effectively and inexpensively for hand-held VHF/UHF radios. Waterproofs your radio making it able to be used in any wet conditions. The pouch will still float with radio inside. Wont lose signal strength while in the UV-Stabilized pouch.

Waterproof Radio Pouch Features:

  • Waterproof 30 ft.
  • UV-Stabilized
  • Complies with SOLAS
  • Operating temperatures: -25 degrees c to +90 degrees c


  • Small VHF
    • Length: 7" in. (with body), 13" in. with antenna
    • Width: 7.6" in.
  • Large VHF
    • Length: 8.7" in. (with body), 5" in. antenna
    • Width: 8.7" in.

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