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Triangular Bandages - AKA Cravats (Non-Woven)

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Triangular Bandages - AKA Cravats

Triangle Bandages also known as Cravats are strong muslin material, the triangular bandage (cravat) is ideal for splinting, outer layer wound bandaging, etc. Bandage measures 36" x 36" x 51". Individually packaged. Each bandage includes 2 safety pins. A basic first aid bandage that can be used as a sling for shoulder and arm injuries. Also effective as a pressure dressing or wrap to hold dressings in place.

Triangular Bandages AKA Cravats Features:

  • Non-woven material
  • For use as arm sling, cravat bandage or cover for head dressing
  • Individually polybagged
  • Complete with two safety pins
  • Color: Off White
  • Sold: Individually

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  • 4
    Vacay bandage

    Posted by Gandalf on 27th Apr 2018

    This is such a versatile tool that the military has a section of its bandaging field manual devoted to the thing.

  • 5
    Triangle, aka Cravat, bandage

    Posted by Elrond Halfelven on 3rd Sep 2017

    These are the "basic" multipurpose bandage, used since time beyond memory. There is an excellent manual, FM8-50 Manual on Bandaging and Splinting, that includes an excellent section on bandaging with these. Considering how much you can do with these, no camp kit, hiking backpack or Bug Out Bag should be without 3 or 4 of these.

  • 3
    Good price, quality is ok.

    Posted by Don on 20th Jan 2016

    I expected the slings to be a bit more substantial.

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