Swiftwater Rescue Book - 2nd Edition

Swiftwater Rescue Book - 2nd Edition

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Swiftwater Rescue by Slim Ray offers an in-depth look at swiftwater rescue for the professional -- firefighters, park rangers, law enforcement, EMS personnel -- as well as anyone who might be faced with the possibility of a flood or swiftwater rescue. Topics include rescuer safety considerations and equipment; river hydrology; equipment; shore-based, boat-based, and in-water rescue techniques; medical considerations; rigging for river rescue; incident command, animal rescue, and swiftwater training. Densely illustrated with line drawings and black & white photographs, the second edition also covers advanced subjects like the use of helicopters in swiftwater rescue and special situations like low-head dams, urban flooding, and flood channel rescues.


  • Paperback 
  • 246 Pages


  • Width: 8.4" inches
  • Length: 10.8" inches
  • Heigth: 0.6" inches
  • Weight: 12.8 oz.

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