Super Duty Anchor Sling

Super Duty Anchor Sling

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Super Duty Anchor Sling

Exceeding all standards for two people lifeline strengths, the Super Duty Anchor Sling is manufactured out of 2" wide solid weave and high strength webbing. When the webbing edge is abraded, cut or torn, a special RED internal tracer function as edge cut indicator. On each end of the sling are large heavy duty forged steel links that allow end-trend, becket, and choker use of the sling.

Super Duty Anchor Sling Features:

  • Red Internal tracer
  • Strength: 16,000 lbf. (71.1 kN)
  • WLL: 1,600 lbs. (725.7 kg)
  • Color: Gold


  • Length Available: 4' ft, 6' ft, 8' ft, 10' ft.

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