Single NFPA Rescue Pulley - 3" Red

Single NFPA Rescue Pulley - 3"

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Single NFPA Rescue Pulley - 3"

Built to last, the 3" Single NFPA Rescue Pulley replaces the double bend side plates found on most pulleys and replaces it with a continuous radius bend. The bend prevents "un-springing" of sideplates found in traditional double bend side plates, also the pulleys feature weight reducing holes in the side plates. This pulley accommodates ropes of 5/8" in diameter. Between bushings and bearing, the friction difference is minimal, loads that are greater then 5,000 lbf. will let you start to see difference in friction. The bearing race can be dented by the ball bearings, also sealed in bearings can become dirty with grit and seize. Stronger then bearings, the Oil Impregnated bronze bushings has a constant interface between the shaft, bushing, and pulley sheave. Bronze bushing is of a soft material that conforms to the contaminant.

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Single NFPA Rescue Pulley - 3" Features:

  • Rope Compatibility: 5/8" in.
  • Strength: 15,737 lbf. (70 kN)
  • WLL: 1574 lbs. (715 kg)
  • Pulley Tread DIA: 2.5" in. (63.5 mm)
  • Available: Bushing, Bearing
  • Meets NFPA 1983/ANSI/OSHA strength specifications
  • Color: Red, Black


  • Length: 6.25" in. (156.3 mm)
  • Width: 4.25" in. (106.3 mm)
  • Hight: 2.25" in. (57.15 mm)
  • Weight: 16 oz. (453.6 g)

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