SAM Medical Chest Seal - Combo

SAM Medical Chest Seal - Combo

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SAM Medical Chest Seal - Combo

SAM® Chest Seal is engineered to seal and reseal open chest wounds under the majority of circumstances. After a simple and quick application, SAM® Chest Seal sticks relentlessly – in extreme heat or cold, and in the presence of all elements. Meets CoTCCC-preferred features. SAM® Chest Seal’s rigid, raised-dome valve ensures one-way airflow from the chest cavity, no matter the pressure applied. Large side vents minimize internal obstruction from blood clots or soft tissue. Whether in transport or in the presence of heavy body armor, the TRUFLOW™ Valve will continue to vent.

SAM Medical Chest Seal - Combo Features:

  • Larger than other occlusive dressings, its oval shape maximizes the surface area of the seal, and its transparency, elasticity, and conformability ensure effective adhesion
  • Strong Hydrogel adheres in the presence of blood, hair, sweat, and sand, or when submerged in water.
  • Tabs facilitate the proper placement and removal of adhesive (dressing), with the ability to vent and reseal.
  • The thin edge layer resists lifting or peeling, maintaining a formidable seal.
  • Optimized for night vision, the packaging, pouch, dressing backing, and tabs provide ideal contrast for visibility in normal light, low light, and night conditions (using a night vision device)
  • One or both tabs can be used to facilitate placement, lifting, and removal of the dressing. Remove dressing using standard dressing removal protocol
  • Night vision optimized
  • Easily applied in battlefield situations
  • Works under extreme heat and cold
  • Package size: 10" x 6.3" | 25.4 cm x 16 cm

Combo Includes:

  • 9.2" x 7.6" Chest Seal
  • 1 Valved dressing
  • 1 Non-Valved dressing
  • Gel
  • Dual App Tabs
  • Oval Seal

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