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Ruth Lee Full Body Ligature Airway Manikin - 55 lbs.

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Ruth Lee Full Body Ligature Airway Manikin - 55 lbs.

In high risk environments, or institutions which house vulnerable people such as Mental Health Hospitals, Learning Disability Centres, Police Stations, Prisons, Care Homes, suicide by hanging is tragically high. Staff who might face and need to manage suicides and self-harm on a regular basis, need the correct training to safely manage this. Training includes the use of a hook knife to properly release a ligature and this specialist manikin has been designed to allow teams to learn to effectively and sensitively manage this situation.

This manikin has anatomical features which allow you to practice airway management skills, with the hope of reviving someone who has been found hanging.

The manikin overalls are constructed from the same flame retardant material used in Police ballistic/stab vests, offering 4x the strength and abrasion resistance of 16oz canvas or P.V.C. (conforms to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, BS EN ISO 12947-2 & 14116: 2008) High density polypropylene webbing (25mm rated to 207 Kg, 50mm rated to 440Kg).

Ruth Lee Full Body Ligature Airway Manikin Features:

  • Realistic knee joints promoting correct manual handling techniques including preservation of the C-spine.
  • Special D-ring feature enables easy suspension without damaging the manikin.
  • The torso features anatomical landmarks including the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. The torso also contains teeth, uvula, vocal cords, glottis, epiglottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, trachea, esophagus, and inflatable lungs and stomach whilst allowing nasogastric tube placement and accepts Combitube®, E.O.A., E.G.T.A., P.T.L. and i-gel airways.


  • Length: 5' ft. 10" in.
  • Weight: 55 lbs (25kg)

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